Never Miss Another Call…EVER!

Any size of business can benefit from an oXcall IVR customised solution. From the moment of the IVR system answering your prospect’s phone calls, callers are immediately greeted with a friendly welcome message and can direct them to the most appropriate person in your company dependent on their choice.


Systemise processes within your company

Our highly customisable IVR solutions can have two or more submenus. Callers to your company are automatically transferred to the mobile phone numbers of your team working within different departments in your business(es). We can also set up a customised voicemail message to ensure no calls are ever missed again.


oXcall Dashboard

- view at a glance all calls that have come through the IVR call log.
- Make any changes to the setup quickly and easily (e.g. employee off sick, holidays etc.)
- Record a customisable greeting for your voicemail (or let us provide one for you)
- Call forwarding
- Create menus, submenus quickly and easily

Your Professional Reputation

Every business owner we’ve ever spoken to bar none, cares deeply about their professional reputation. With an oXcall IVR communications solution you + your team can work from almost anywhere*
No matter where your team are located, calls can be picked up just like they are in the office professionally and quickly. IVR helps businesses arrange their calls based on whether or not the caller’s enquiries are urgent or not. With frequently asked questions can be easily configured inside the custom menu greetings.
* Of course you do have to have an internet connection)

Choose the plan that fits you best

Do you want to test things out before paying? We can provide you with 30-day free trial.

IVR switchboard

10 lines min
$ from £19.99
/per month
  • Telephone number
  • Demo Greeting and Initial Menu Recordings
  • First level menu up to 3 extensions
  • Phone Call forwarding - includes: 300 min
  • Add. calls (over allowance): £0.09 per minute
  • Setup fee £29

IVR switchboard +

10 lines min
$ from £39
/per month
  • Telephone number
  • Demo Greeting, Menu and Submenus Recordings
  • Multilevel menu (unlimited extensions)
  • Phone Call forwarding - includes: 300 min
  • Add. calls (over allowance): £0.08 per minute
  • Setup fee from £79

We can help your business thrive

A lot of businesses out there are solely focused on surviving – here at oXcall with a customised IVR solution, our trained experts can customise solutions for your exact business needs from sole trader all the way up to a 75 person strong SME.

Don't miss the chance


Increase your profits

A well-optimised oXcall IVR solution, customised to your exact business needs, leads to significantly higher internal efficiency and greater customer satisfaction. All these elements will, in turn, lead to you saving money, increasing revenue for your company and ultimately building you a much more scaleable business.


Calls answered simultaneously

- handle a significant influx of calls simultaneously.
- higher call answering efficiency and
- significant increase in lead response rates.
- Incoming calls can also be answered directly by the automatic voice response (voicemail) system

With an oXcall IVR solution, the system can handle multiple incoming calls simultaneously meaning that your company will never miss THAT IMPORTANT CALL again.


Time is money

With a customised IVR solution let’s get your customers call straight through to the most appropriate person (e.g. sales department, technical support, customer service) within your company. (NB can also be forwarded to their mobile numbers)

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