Virtual Assistant

24/7 call answering and forwarding service for your company!

You can forward your number to us, either permanently or temporarily.

The VA will greet each caller with a friendly customisable response (that we will discuss of course in advance).

After each completed call, you will receive either an SMS or an e-mail notification with a transcription of the call.

Handling the number means not only answering calls, but also:

  • Appointment setting in your diary,
  • Keeping your prospects informed with customised responses
  • reducing overheads
  • and increasing the quality of the service level.
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Your Own Dedicated Number

In oXcall you have the option of activating your very own telephone number with the area code of your choice. ALL calls handled by us are recorded, and the history of all your calls is available at a glance in your very own dashboard, which results in your having full control over each conversation.


Calendar Management

Granting our oXcall VA team access to your company's calendar means that we can arrange and block dates of your meetings advance and schedule meetings with potential callers to your company dependent on your calendar availability.


Virtual secretariat

An oXcall VA will introduce themselves like an employee of your company.

We will respond to each and every caller who calls your company number with pre recorded scripts (agreed in advance with you).

You can brief our team on some frequently asked questions meaning that our oXcall VA will be able to respond to some of the more frequently asked questions, thereby reducing your workload and increasing customer satisfaction.


Cost savings

An oXcall subscription is significantly lower than the costs of hiring a PA or even employing your very own in-house receptionist.

Handing over calls to a specialised team of Virtual Assistants means your PA / in-house receptionist will never miss another call or get sick/ be away on holiday again.

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